Using NLP-Sequential Mind Technology™


Laureli Blyth & Heidi Heron

Laureli Blyth and Heidi Heron from the Worldwide Institutes of NLP share a variety of NLP integration techniques. This DVD is a part of their Using NLP series. To gain the most benefit from this series, it is suggested that you have previous NLP experience.

On this DVD, Sequential Mind Technology™ you will gain more of an understanding about these new NLP techniques based on aspects of Timeline, Cognitive, Behavioural and Humanistic Psychology. On this DVD you will see Heidi & Laureli demonstrate the following SMT processes:

– Belief Change with SMT
– Tunnelling
– Installing a Virus Protector
– Visual Kinaesthetic Dissociation
– Putting a Goal in the Future
– Clearing Anxiety
– Clearing the Now




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