Higher Self Therapy


Laureli Blyth

Two of the greatest gifts a person is born with are:

The Higher Conscious Mind and the Power of Intuition. Imagine building an intimate connection with these two and to have an ability to receive guidance and wisdom .

This unique four hour seminar was presented live in London with Laureli and is a condensed version of a full two day NLP Higher Self Therapy workshop. Laureli uses practical NLP tools to release negative thoughts and blocks which clears the pathway of communication to the Higher Conscious Mind.

In this workshop you will:

– Use NLP techniques to clear your limts and block the connection.
– Communicate with your Higher Conscious Mind
– Meet your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels.
– Connect with the tools that you were born with to transform your life.
– Recognise your gifts, strengths and weaknesses and how to use them positively.

1 Audio CD


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