Consult Yourself: NLP & Management Consultant


Carol Harris

A brilliant guide to becoming an effective consultant using the techniques of NLP. The author begins by posing the questions: What is consultancy and why is it important? In answering these she ensures that, before you embark on a career in consultancy, you understand what exactly is relevant in today’s marketplace. Consult Yourself provides personal aptitude and attitude tests, allowing you to initially assess the benefits and risks of a career in consulting, and contains invaluable advice on obtaining a position as a consultant, becoming self-employed, or, indeed, employing a consultant yourself. Most importantly Consult Yourself presents essential NLP-based techniques that will revolutionise your approach to planning, analysis, problem solving, IT, networking, marketing; and the best NLP-derived tools that will enable you to: manage your time; present information; interview; coach; collaborate; evaluate and be confident. Applying the insights of NLP to this competitive sphere, this is a consultancy guide that offers unique and progressive consultancy strategies



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