Change Management Excellence


Martin Roberts

Working with many top British and American companies over the last thirty years, Martin Roberts has developed an enviable reputation for solving problems seen by others as insoluble. He attributes this to his ability to adapt and apply to business problems techniques derived from the field of psychology. These include: NLP, Gestalt Therapy, Behavioral Modification, Transactional Analysis. This book is about how to “do” excellent Change Management using a variety of techniques, and is based on real-life experiences. Many of the methodologies presented here have never previously been published, as the author and his colleagues felt they were priceless “trade secrets”. The book thus contains many new concepts and applications for consultants, would-be consultants and everyone involved in change within a business setting. It also provides an intriguing insight into why many fashionable “cook-book” approaches to change run into problems – and how to avoid repeating them.



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