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  • 2008 ABNLP/ASCH Conference


    Speakers Presentations

    The ABNLP/ASCH 2008 Conference Embracing Connections was held on the last weekend of March. We invite you to share in the memories and magical moments of the conference in this audio program of all speakers presentations.

    Speakers Include

    Dr. Michael Hall
    Dr. Stephen Gilligan
    Dr. Lindsay Duncan
    Dr. Lutz Wesel
    Laureli Blyth
    Philip Armstrong
    Peter Ramster
    Terrence McClendon
    Sophia Kramer
    Paul Aurand
    Andrea Haas

    MP3 audio files

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  • Advanced Language Patterns


    Connirae Andreas

    One of our top sellers since its introduction, Advanced Language Patterns easily and thoroughly presents and teaches some of the most powerful patterns developed in NLP: Sleight of Mouth .

    These small language distinctions can make a huge difference in your impact. With Advanced Language Patterns and Sleight of Mouth you can:

    – Help develop a new perspectives
    – Learn to change beliefs with just your language (even without someone knowing what you’re doing!)
    – Easily assist people in opening up to new ideas and possibilities they’d never considered, and then gently and subtly support them in focusing in on a desirable new choice.
    – Collect high-quality information simply by the questions you ask.

    This program covers a variety of “Sleight of Mouth” patterns. Connirae, one of NLP’s most accomplished authors and trainers, demonstrates and leads you through exercises showing you exactly how you, too, can get the change you want using only your language!

    4 Audio CD’s

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  • Allergy Process


    Tim Hallbom & Suzi Smith

    An allergy is simple a mistake of the immune system. Your immune system learned to have a response to a certain substance at one time and continues to have that response even though the response no longer serves you. Hallbom and Smith demonstrate this simple yet powerful process with a woman who had an allergy to foods of the night shade family and a man who had a life-threatening reaction to bee stings. They discuss a number of applications of the process such as hair loss and cravings. Tom Dotz completes the tape by personally guiding you through the allergy process.

    1 Audio CD

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  • Belief Change


    Connirae & Steve Andreas

    Steve and Connirae demonstrate how to use submodalities (sensory distinctions such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft) to help people modify limiting beliefs. They explain the technique and illustrate it with Tom, a man who believes that “not having money makes him a better person.” To get maximum benefit from this tape you’ll need prior NLP experience

    1 DVD

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  • Changing Timelines


    Connirae Andreas

    Timelines (the way people “code” time) are one of the more easily understood models in NLP. Useful for problem solving, the model is also very useful in setting goals and creating the motivation to achieve those goals. Timelines can provide answers to many situations including being preoccupied with the past or unable to remember the past, repeating past mistakes, or feeling depressed. Connirae will demonstrate how to modify timelines to help people achieve the results they want in life.

    1 DVD

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  • Core Transformation


    Full 3-Day Training on DVD with Manual and Book

    At last…the ultimate in-home resource for personal change-work using Core Transformation; more than the book, more than just video demonstrations, a complete workshop on 4 DVDs, along with an enhanced version of the actual training manual given to training participants: Core Transformation: The Full 3-Day Workshop on DVD, taught by Tamara Andreas, co-author of the book Core Transformation, and the Core Transformation Trainer’s Manual.

    4-DVD's, 1 Manual, 1 Hard Cover Book

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  • Decision Destroyer


    Steve Andreas

    Steve demonstrates Richard Bandler’s “Decision Destroyer” pattern, a highly effective process for solving current life problems (where past experiences are contributing to the problems). You’ll need some prior NLP training to receive the full benefit of this material. This tape includes advanced submodalities work.

    2 Audio CD’s

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  • Disney Creative Strategy


    Robert Dilts

    For many people, criticism is the biggest obstacle to creative thinking. Through studying his strategies, Dilts found that Disney circumvented this difficulty by sequencing his creative process into three functional stages: “Dreamer, Realist, and Critic.” Watch Dilts use the Disney strategy to help a man who previously had given up his dreams. Connirae Andreas offers an introduction to Dilts’ demonstrations as well as a follow-up interview.

    1 DVD

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  • Fast Phobia & Trauma Relief


    Steve & Connirae Andreas

    In seven minutes, Steve helps a client eliminate an intense, 20-year phobia of bees. One year later, Steve tests this therapeutic intervention by bringing a bottle of bees into her house and letting a few of them loose. The technique works for more pervasive phobias/traumas, too. This video includes a follow-up interview with a Vietnam War veteran who overcame post-traumatic stress syndrome and a phobia of Asian people in one session with Connirae. 42 minutes.

    1 DVD

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  • Generative Hypnosis


    Stephen G. Gilligan Ph.D

    In this audio seminar you learn to apply hypnosis to resolve difficulties and to use it generatively to create the life you want. Stephen presents a series of exercises which teach your unconscious as well as your conscious mind. You will develop greater awareness which will allow you to communicate directly with your unconscious mind. Stephen is one of the foremost students of Milton Erickson. In this three tape series you’ll explore and enjoy the magic of hypnosis as taught by a master.

    3 Audio CD’s

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