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  • Business Applications of NLP


    Laura Ewing

    Sales, customer relationships, formulating an organizational vision, negotiation, Changing corporate cultures, and improving morale: These are only a few of the arenas where NLP can be valuable in the work place. An edited recording of two live seminars, this tape set provides an overview of NLP in the business world. It also provides demonstrations of two elements needed for peak individual and organizational performance, rapport and personal congruence.

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  • Fundamentals of Group Dynamics


    Michael Grinder

    Fundamentals Of Group Dynamics As they say in Silicon Valley, “Easy is Hard.” In this 3 CD program Michael Grinder has done the hard work to make it easy for you to deliver successful presentations to groups of any size.

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  • Negotiations: Winning More than Money


    Michael Lebeau Ph.D

    Learn the key skills from this negotiations master and NLP co-developer. You will learn the four determinants in any negotiation: how to establish negotiation criteria, how to use time, how to expand a negotiation, how to change the emotional intensity in, and how to create value. Much more than a list of rules or observations of an experienced negotiator, this model teaches you how to think like an expert negotiator.

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  • Outrageous Consulting


    Suzzane Bailey & Laura Ewing

    Outrageous Consulting is about broadening the range of capacities we use to create results in business. By encouraging the use of a wide range of our intellectual spectrum, we literally involve more human resources in meeting the challenges of business today. An incredibly valuable resource for consultants, trainers, or any change agent in an organization.

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  • Training Design & Delivery


    Lara Ewing & Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D

    NLP applied to training yields a clear and powerful structure to push your training to a new level. Whether you present to large groups, consult with small organizations or run meetings, this tape set offers the structure to make all of your presentations dynamic and influential. On tape one Schmidt teaches the fundamental structure for excellent NLP training, and on tape two Ewing guides you through the how-to’s of making great openings and closings.

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