NLP is taught around the world in Certification Courses which immerse you in the technology of understanding the language of the mind. There are formally three levels of NLP Certification Training:

Level 1: NLP Practitioner Certification

Level 2: NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Level 3: NLP Trainer Certification

Each level of NLP training builds upon the other, offering a vast array of skills, methodologies and information. While there are a number of formats utilised to train NLP, the Worldwide Institutes of NLP provide our training in intensive programs spanning from 8 to 17 days.

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The following descriptions have been collated from our NLP Practitioners after completing their Level 1 NLP training.


  • NLP is the language used (both verbally and non-verbally) to communicate with others and myself that creates transformations and shifts in our thinking, behaviours and actions in daily living. It is a powerful tool, a way of life that through daily practice/use takes you to any level you want by tapping into the unconscious mind.
  • NLP is a kit containing tools that will improve your life. The tools can be used individually or for maximum effect, combined in a myriad of way to achieve the best possible results.
  • My primary intention is to use these skills for myself and those around me in achieving desired outcomes. Also, i will guide others as to how they can achieve excellence through the facets of their life.
  • NLP is freeing the unconscious mind from the viruses, glitches and malfunctioning areas in the same way that a computer technician would work on your computer so it works smoothly, effortlessly and so you have access to all of its functions.