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Worldwide Institutes of NLP

The Worldwide Institutes of NLP are made up of the following NLP schools:

  • Australasian Institute of NLP
  • European Institute of NLP
  • American Institute of NLP

The institutes are headed by international trainers Laureli Blyth and Heidi Heron and offer full-cycle NLP Certification courses, workshops and one-on-one NLP therapy.

NLP Comprehensive

NLP Comprehensive is our US based partner in NLP Training and products. Based in Colorado, NLP Comprehensive is one of the oldest and most respected NLP organisations in the Northern Hemisphere.


Meta-Coaching and the Meta Coach Training System are our Collaborative Partners within the scope of Coaching using NLP and Neuro Semantics. Meta-Coaching is headed by directors Michael Hall and Michelle Duval. If you are interested in further development of your NLP/NS skills and/or Coaching tools they offer courses worldwide.

Self Leadership

Self Leadership and director Andrew Bryant are part of our Collaborative Partnership with Meta-Coaching. Self Leadership is Singapore based and also offer a wide range of corporate seminars.

Australasian NLP Association

The Australasian NLP Association, formed in 2000 is a member-based, non profit organisation based on creating a structure and community for NLP certified individuals.

See the website for benefits, insurance and more information

Australian Board of NLP

The Australian Board of NLP is an innovative NLP Association based in Australia. Starting in 2004, the ABNLP aims to develop standards for NLP nationwide which can help elevate the NLP Community.